Smt. Nirmalatai Jagannath Kakade

Life and Work: –

Birth: – 10th June 1928
Bhorwadi, Tal: – Nagar, Dist: – Ahmednagar

Daughter of Shri Sambhaji BHor and Minabai Bhor

Education: –

One of the most educated women in the district who sought education in adverse condition

B.A. (English) Wilson College, Mumbai

B.T. Tilak College of Education, Pune

Remarkable Carrier in Education Field The ideal teacher
Appointed as a teacher from July 1, 1956, and served as different reputed schools

  • Seth Jyoti Prasad Vidyalaya Daund From 1/6/1956 To 12/6/1960
  • Residential Highschool Ahmednagar From 13/6/1960 To 10/06/1961
  • Residential High school Shevgaon From 11/6/1961 to 10/6/1967

She was a skilled & eloquent teacher in English. Her Pronunciation was fluent as British. Because she got guidance from the British teachers. She had a good command of the English Language.

Founder Head Mistress :

  • She founded Chhatralaya Highschool ( Abasaheb Kakade Vidyalaya Shevgaon) in 1967 for the children of depressed, poor, farmers with the help of Abasaheb Kakade.
  • Appointed as a Head Mistress from 6/7/1967 to 30/06/1986 in Chhatralaya Highschool.
  • The school became popular in Shevgaon after few days
  • She got her aim while there was no grant she performed all the roles like Peon, Clerk, teacher, Head Mistress in her service.
  • Popular by the name (Tai) in Shevgaon
  • Worked with her Husband Shikshan Maharshi Abasaheb Kakade
  • Gave More importance to spreading Knowledge than her own family life
  • She becomes the supporter of the Girls in Shevgaon and Pathardi Acceptable the guardian of the Girls in Hostel and took the care of them as like her own daughters

Ideal Personality :

  • Well discipline as well as kind-hearted personality
  • Simple living high thinking
  • Told about ideal principles, sacrifice & good thoughts to the society
  • Took participation in developing the future of thousands of students
  • Good work to increase the discipline and moral values of students
  • After the sudden death of Abasaheb Kakade, She managed her family and Institution.
  • Death – 30 March 1987