Breaking through the tempest/hatching out/a short history of the FDL.

          The struggle for Indian freedom had been ignited fiercely. The District of Ahmednagar was also one of them. Countless pupils quitted their educations in order to plunge enthusiastically into the struggle of Prabhakar Kondoji Viz. Bapusaheb Bhapkar reputed Satha Viz. Bharatha laid the movement of the Indian freedom struggle in the district.

           Com. J.K. Kakade, born at Mangrul Khurd in the drought-stricken area of Shevgaon and arrived at Ahmednagar to get an education, was greatly impressed by the situation. The company of these leaders laid, a moral foundation at the moment. Completing his law education in Pune and Kolhapur, he started his legal practice as an advocate at the district court in A’nagar as well as in Pathardi Taluka. In the atmosphere of against treaty against untouchability between the father of the nation, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, FDL ( Dalit Dal or The Friends of the depressed league ) came into life in 1953. The primary school was started by admitting 10 untouchable (i.e. Harijan pupils) which flowered more in the future. About 1950 there were std 1st to std 7th classes around this period.