Golden People Golden Visits

  • Shri Bhulabhai Desai, Shri D.N. Vandrekar, and I visited the school today. Shri Saththa introduced everything we witnessed. Devoted social workers, large space, and ideal discipline pleased us. Brethren of all castes and community were learning happily. Excellent work goes on. Thanks.
    — B.G. Kher, D.N. Vandrekar, Bhulabhai Desai (30-12-1944) Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.
  • I visited the school and other institutions here. How glad I am to see this devoted service! where actual service rendered especially where body, mind, and intellect of kids were nourished, I bow. I salute such an institution. People may uphold it. It should prosper, What else I should wish?
    — Sane Guruji (P.S. Sane) 14-02-1945 Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.

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