Establishment of Rashtriya Pathshala, Ahmednagar

In 1961, Rashtriya Patshala Highschool was re-established at the same place and two classes were started, namely 8th and 9th Standard. Similarly, in the year 1962, only one class i.e. 10th standard was started. Shri. S.R. Vidwans was the Headmaster.

The school was founded by Mohan Mudra Mandir and few other donations. Gradually, the whole building was built. Similarly, Shri. Barshikar. Bhai Satha, M. K. Firodiya took an active part to construct a three-story building in the same area. Meantime, Shri. Khushaldas Barshikar expired and construction was delaye. It was completed after a big gap of few years and the structure was named after Late Shri. Khushaldas Barshikar.

This school had renowned, famous, and talented teachers like Shri. Dada Choudhary, Bhai Satha, Kakasaheb Chinchorkar, Bhaurao Choukar, S. R. Vidwas, B. B. Taware, G. G. Anarase, Manda Rayarikar, Ms Sahastrabudhe.

Shri. Nawalbhau Firidiya, Shri. Khushaldas Barshikar, Dr. N. G. Karmarkar, Kashinath Shete, were the outstanding students of this school, who enshrined the name and fame of not only the school but of the nation too.

Due to the vision, mission, and dedication of Bhai Satha’s (Nousherwan Nusserwaji Satha) work towards Rashtriya Prashala, then Governor of Maharashtra Shri Aliyawar Ajung visited the Pathshala and felicitated Shri. Bhai Satha by Awarding him ‘Dalit Mitra Puraskar.’

From the year 1983, the school started primary division (1st to 4th standard). Visualizing the importance of vocational training and education, which is a basic foundation course, a technical division was started from 1985-1986 for std 8th-10th. The technical subject was made optional to the student. In the technical division, subjects such as, Welding, Fitting, Plumbing, Electronic, Computer Science were started which include theory and practical work. As of today, the technical division is functioning excellently. Many students have got employment by undertaking technical education and their need for employment has been fulfilled.

Since 1992, the Rashtriya Patshala started a hostel (Vasti Gruha) for higher age group children. This is aided by the Children and Women Development Department of Govt Of Maharashtra.

At present, the school has more than 350 students from Std 1 to Std 10. The School is planning to start Semi-English Medium School. The school building is renovated and modern teaching facilities are provided to students.